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  • PayPerks' CEO Arlyn Davich interviewed by Shibani Joshi on Fox Business News

    Shibani Joshi starts her interview with Arlyn Davich, PayPerks CEO with this:

    I got to catch up with one of the hottest newcomers…PayPerks: a company you’re going to be hearing a lot more about in the future…


    Arlyn does a great job explaining what PayPerks is and what we do. Have a watch:

    Link to the YouTube video directly:

  • PayPerks Named Best Newcomer in Payments

    Greetings from Harvard where The Office’s BJ Novak just announced that PayPerks won the Silver in the ‘Best Newcomer in Payments’ category. (Bet you never thought you would see all those things in one sentence)

    When we were named a finalist a few weeks ago, we were humbled to be among such esteemed company; so to be named a winner was really the icing on the cake.

    We’d be remiss without congratulating Stripe on the Gold. We’ll see you next year ;)


  • Center for American Progress Highlights PayPerks as a Financial Capability tool

    In honor of the U.S. Treasury’s March shift to paperless payments for Social Security benefits recipients, The Center for American Progress hosted a thoughtful discussion on the DirectExpress card and how prepaid cards in general can be a financial capability tool. Special thanks to Melissa Koide, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Consumer Policy, U.S. Department of Treasury, for highlighting the role that PayPerks can play toward that end! (tune in around minute 22 to hear what she had to say about PayPerks)

  • Rob’s First Day (like rain on your wedding day)

    You know how they say it’s good luck to have it rain on your wedding day? We believe the same is true when a hurricane hits on your first day of work.

    Such was the case for PayPerks’ newest addition, Rob Bernabé, who joined the team today as a software engineer and systems master. Rob comes to us from The Active Network where he spent 8 years growing into, in the words of one of his former colleagues, “one of the best, and possibly the best, system administrators around.” Rob’s process is as impressive as his output. He is an all around productivity expert who knows more keyboard shortcuts than just about anyone we’ve met.

    Storm or no storm, we feel ‘lucky’ to have Rob onboard Team PayPerks.

  • Financial Services Landscape Distilled into Brilliant Infographic at Money2020

    For those of you who weren’t at the Money2020 conference this past week in Las Vegas, I wanted to share this imaginative and illustrative infographic that was displayed front and center throughout the event. I tried to snap a photo of it on many occasions but it was getting so much attention from the 2,000 attendees that each of my attempts had several people blocking my shot.

    Now, why did I go through the trouble of tracking down this infographic? Well, there’s a few things about it I want to highlight:

    The illustrations are genius: Who doesn’t love a good caricature? No one. So why did it take this long for someone to figure out that illustrating your conference speakers would get so many people so excited? I don’t know. But I’m glad it happened before 2020.

    A picture is worth 1,000 words: It’s amazing how much information is communicated in this picture. To communicate how the finance industry is organized, key companies/people in each orbit, and how each orbit relates to each other would take several thousand words…that likely no one would read. But here, you had people lining up to learn the story.

    They got the story right: Two things that stood out to me as true, accurately captured and sometimes overlooked were: 1) the importance of government in the payments ecosystem (notice Melissa Koide, from Treasury, right smack dab in the middle) and 2) the recognition that financial innovations for the underserved are part and parcel to the traditional payments landscape.

    Kudos to the Money2020 team for getting this, among a ton of other things right at the first (annual!) conference.