Here at PayPerks, we’re constantly trying to improve users’ experience on the site. This week, we’re launching a new look and feel to our login, sign up and card linking page, as well as a whole new navigation bar (especially on mobile!).

PayPerks Card Linking page Improvements to card linking and error reporting have greatly reduced the new user learning curve
PayPerks Login page Logging in is now as easy and pretty as the rest of the site!
PayPerks Sign Up page Flat UI and our new forms make the sign up process more approachable

One of the changes, based on user feedback, is that we’ve made it easier to see what the upcoming prizes are and what you’ve won in the past – just click on Prize Info on the top.

PayPerks Global Nav bar New names, and a drop down style menu make it easier to find what you’re looking for

Stay tuned for more visual changes over the coming months, we’ll be sure to announce any updates here. For a more detailed look at all the changes, see our Help Center posts:

As always, let us know what you think of the new design! Email us a, or use this form to contact us. We love hearing your feedback.